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NdFeb Magnets

Br And (BH)Max High, And The Temperature Coefficient Is Big.

Magnetic Assemblies

Offer solutions in manufacture of all kind of assemblies


Magnet High Strength,High Working Temperature


Not Easily Demagnetization, High Precision Resistence.

alnico magnets

With High Temperature Resistant,Not Easy Oxidation

Sinter NdFeB Radial Oriented Ring

Ferrite Magnets

The Most Inexpensive, Chemical Stability Is Good, Br Is Low,

Bonded NdFeB Magnet

Bonded NdFeB Magnet can be magnetized via any direction.

Our products are sold to more than 30 countries, with overseas sales accounting for more than 80 percent

Xinfeng magnets salesmen and engineers have rich industry experience and can customize products according to customers' demands

We have all the equipment of every process of magnet production to guarantee the quality of products.At the same time provide the best production cycle.

The company has also built up a strategic cooperation with China’s No.1 rare earth miner CHINALCO, which gives us strong and safe backup for rare earth raw materials.

Use informationized method to monitor all links from raw material to blank to finished product to ensure product performance

We are the strategic partner of NIMTE (Chinese Academy of Sciences) engaged in the research of “High Coercivity Sintered NdFeB with Low Dysprosium”.

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Korean motor customers come to visit our company

Company profile

Hangzhou Xinfeng Magnetic Materials Co.,Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise specialized in research, production and application and development of the permanent magnet material.The main business are:NdFeB Magnets, Smco Magnets, AlNiCo Magnets and Magnetic Assembly...


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cooperative partner
Over the last 18 years,Xinfenghas established a global marketing nerwork and successfully set up long standing relationships with many well-known enterprises,such as theGE,SIMENS,Teslamotor,BMW,etc.You and you alone,the customer,will decide how successful we have been,We welcome your input,your comments at the highest level within our company,and invite to you to contact us at any time to suggest better ways of better serving you our customer.In a very competitive world we like to think we all,atXinfeng,will all go that extra mile to make that little difference.