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Design life of the wind turbine is generally two years. At present, both small wind turbine and a megawatt-class wind turbines are mostly optional permanent magnet NdFeB magnets, therefore, requires wind turbine magnet has good temperature stability, corrosion resistance, and high uniformity reliability.

The recent explosion of the wind turbine market across the globe has forced manufacturers into reducing manufacturing costs, improving efficiencies, and creating robust designs that do not require constant service.  Using a properly designed permanent magnet within the wind turbine generator will improve efficiencies in the conversion of wind power to electrical power immensely over induction, or wire wound, generators.  Also, selecting the correct magnetic material and manufacturing it to the proper specifications will ensure that it can be resistant to demagnetization due to high temperatures.

The next generation of wind turbines are currently being researched which use permanent magnet generators and axial flux couplings, which use permanent magnets as a coupling. The overall purpose of this design is to increase efficiency by reducing friction.  Magnetic couplings are currently used in many applications, but this is a new one that is being explored and has great possibilities. UMAG Magnet electronic provide wind turbine magnet - high quality neodymium magnets used in large scale in commercial wind turbines to ensure high energy-efficiency and good reliability for the whole generator systems.

For Low and medium speed generator, block 38H, 40H and 44H are the most popular magnets used in MW PM wind turbines, but 38SH, 40SH 38UH and 38EH are also used in wind turbine applications.