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Why should I choose CINFER for my magnet needs?


    Why should I choose CINFER for my magnet needs?

    Update Time:2018/12/14

    There are several reasons CINFER is the right choice for you:

    QUALITY: CINFER is an ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified manufacturer. You can count on our highly developed quality system to see your parts or project through from design through final delivery.

    EXPERIENCE: CINFER's customer service and technical team has decades of experience with nearly every type of magnetic application. You can be assured that we will apply that experience to your specific needs each and every time to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

    TECHNICAL SUPPORT: CINFER has the technical expertise to help you through your most difficult magnetic design challenges. Our helpful and courteous staff is always available to get you the answers you need, as quickly and accurately as possible.

    VERSATILITY: No other magnet company can offer customers what cinfer can 

    A unique combination of TS certified, domestic magnet manufacturing capability, including on-site magnetization, fabrication, design and analysis - as well as high quality off-shore sourcing options which provide our clients the best, most cost-effective options no matter what the requirements.